Project name: System of Incentives for PME Qualification and Internationalization

Duration: 01/10/2013 to 30/06/2015

Total projected investment: 135,716.25€

Status: in execution.


The Exportools_International project, planned for a period of 21 months, is aimed principally at increasing the competitiveness of the organization through the reinforcement of its productivity, flexibility and response capacity, whilst promoting the company’s active participation in international markets considered strategic for its sector of activity. This macro-objective can be broken down into a set of quantifiable strategic objectives, as presented here:

– Initiate and consolidate the presence of E.P.P.T. EXPORTOOLS in  Europe, and specifically in the United Kingdom and Russia.

– Initiate and consolidate the presence of E.P.P.T. EXPORTOOLS in markets outside Europe, such as Mexico, South Africa and Iran.

– Strengthen the commercial and marketing competencies of the team, through the development of new communication materials.

– Further build on the company’s existing knowledge of the international markets;

– Increase the visibility and public awareness of E.P.P.T. – EXPORTOOLS on the web;

– Increase the brand awareness and recognition of the company nationally and internationally;

– Guarantee a competitive position in relation to its competitors;

– Contribute to the nation’s development, with special focus on the North of Portugal.

The achievement of these objectives involves the bet that E.P.P.T. – EXPORTOOLS proposes to make on the international markets, having selected the ones that are a priority. Portugal is among the world’s main mould manufacturers, currently exporting more than 90% of its total production, but checking the data, we find that the main countries of destination for the exports are Spain, Germany, France, Brazil and the Czech Republic.

E.P.P.T. EXPORTOOLS PORTUGUESE TOOLS, ACE has established as a priority the start up and intensification of its activity in a new set of international markets with emergent economies or high growth potential. To achieve this, it is necessary to establish new contacts that can provide new business opportunities. In line wth the strategy defined, EPPT has bet on the “PME Qualification and Internationalization” project to ensure its participation in various international fairs, specifically:

– Pastimagem Fair – Mexico

– Expo Plastic Fair 2014 – Mexico

– North Plastimagen Fair 2015 – Mexico

– Sapco Fair – Iran